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The Kennedy Hunt, P.C. provides legal representation throughout Missouri and Illinois, including the Waterloo, IL area. Our attorneys handle a range of practice areas including civil rights, employment, and education law.

Our attorneys are experienced in litigation and the appeals process, and handle both state and federal claims. We have successfully represented our clients in courts across Missouri and Illinois. We strongly believe in the cases that we file, and we are dedicated to our clients’ needs.

Our dedication to fighting for our clients is recognized in both client testimonials and our reputation in the community. From handling employment law cases like unpaid minimum wage or overtime matters as well as discrimination and harassment cases, to filing civil rights actions under the Fair Housing Act or the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act – each of our attorneys brings unique skills and perspectives necessary for protecting the rights of our clients under a variety of state and federal laws.




Employment Law

We represent employees in claims for employment discrimination, retaliation, whistleblowing, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, compensation, and reasonable accommodation issues.

Education Law

We have handled every aspect of school law and special education. We exclusively represent either parents or organizations serving children or adults with disabilities and including these areas as well.

Civil Rights Law

Our firm is dedicated to opposing all types of discrimination in educational settings and protecting our client’s rights to free speech, liberty, due process, and equal protection of the laws.

If you are seeking legal representation for a violation of your rights, whether at work, school, or in the community, please contact our Illinois office for a consultation or fill out one of our questionnaires today. Your rights are important to us.