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A federal judge ordered Illinois prisons to improve its health care and housing for transgender class members. This is a historic win for transgender class members who have long been denied adequate care. Kennedy Hunt P.C. served as local counsel on the case

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois slammed the Illinois Department of Corrections for not improving care for transgender class members as it was ordered to do nearly two years ago. 

In an oral order, Judge Nancy Rosenstengel said, “I don’t have faith to simply, quote, ‘let the process play out’ as the Defendants requested. I acknowledge that COVID understandably caused delays. But, COVID does not authorize inadequate medical care and treatment.”

Judge Rosenstengel’s order paves the way for transgender class members to receive treatment for gender dysphoria, including gender-affirming surgery. Additionally, class members requesting transfer to a facility matching their gender identity must now be evaluated for transfer within 120 days. 

Read more about the details of this historic win at the ACLU’s site.

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