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St. Louis is no stranger to discrimination in the workplace. Kennedy Hunt P.C. represents many employees who are victims of discriminatory actions in their place of work.

On Nov. 21, the St. Louis American published an article about a former St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department officer who is filing a lawsuit against the department citing racial and religious discrimination, both of which are illegal.

According to the lawsuit, Amir Muhammed, a 20-year-veteran at the police department, allegedly experienced many instances of racially and religiously charged discrimination while in the workplace.

He was allegedly called explicit, racist terms by fellow officers, received racist notes, and that he was not respected by fellow officers when he changed his legal name from Stanford Willis to Amir Muhmamed in 2017.

The lawsuit states that, “This ongoing and pervasive racially and religiously hostile environment has caused the plaintiff tremendous anxiety and stress.”

Employees have the right to work in a non-discriminatory workplace. It is unacceptable employees to work in hostile, discriminatory and unsafe work environments. The attorneys at Kennedy Hunt P.C. work tirelessly to ensure that their clients are afforded this undeniable right. If you’ve experienced discrimination in the workplace, fill out a case questionnaire so we can better understand your claim.