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Gilead Community Services – a group home for men with mental health disabilities – was recently awarded nearly $5.2 million in damages in a fair housing case in Connecticut. 

Gilead is a non-profit for people with mental health disabilities and opened a six-person group home in 2015. According to the lawsuit, the Town of Cromwell quickly engaged in illegal actions in violation of both the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to force the group home’s closure.

Group homes are legal in residential neighborhoods in Connecticut and therefore, the Town of Cromwell campaign against Gilead was against the law. In 2017, Gilead filed suit against the Town of Cromwell for their violations of the FHA and the ADA. 

In October 2021, a jury found Cromwell indeed violated the law, specifically the FHA and the ADA. The jury award Gilead nearly $5.2 million in damages. In May, a district court judge affirmed the jury’s decision. 

Kennedy Hunt P.C. applauds Gilead and Relman Colfax for their dedication to housing and disability rights. 

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