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On February 24th, 2024, Kennedy Hunt P.C. filed a complaint against Exel Inc. d/b/a DHL Supply Chain for discrimination in violation of the Missouri Human Rights Act and the Missouri Workers Compensation Law.

According to the lawsuit, Exel Inc. d/b/a DHL Supply Chain employed our client as a lead materials handler. Per the lawsuit, our client was injured in the course of his employment and filed claims for worker’s compensation relating to the injuries, but continued to perform his duties with braces to support his wrist. 

In November 2020, our client got a new supervisor. The lawsuit alleges our client was subjected to pervasive sexual harassment by his new supervisor because Plaintiff behaved in a way that is not stereotypically considered ‘“masculine.”

The lawsuit continues: 

On several occasions between November 20, 2020, and September 23, 2021, [plaintiff’s supervisor] harassed Plaintiff by asking him if he was a woman, asking him if he wanted to be a woman, and telling him to “man up.” Plaintiff carried a bag to work, and [plaintiff’s supervisor] would ask Plaintiff why Plaintiff, a man, ‘carried a purse.’ On or about mid-August 2021, two of Plaintiff’s co-workers harassed Plaintiff by holding Plaintiff’s bag over a trashcan and emptying the contents into the garbage.

The lawsuit alleges that after our client filed his claim for workers’ compensation, upper management told Plaintiff, “Only women complain,” and that he should handle the situation “like a man” and get over it.

The lawsuit alleges that in August 2021, our client filed a complaint grievance with his union and complained to his supervisor’s boss about the sexual harassment. The lawsuit further alleges that upper management told our client if he wanted to file grievances or “stir the pot,” it would “not be pleasant,” and that he could be fired if he didn’t apologize to his supervisor. 

The lawsuit alleges that the next month, our client’s supervisor told him to go home and not return until the braces on his wrists were removed. The lawsuit alleges that in May 2022, our client learned he no longer had health insurance through his employer, which indicated he had been discharged. 

The lawsuit seeks actual damages, lost benefits of employment, compensatory damages, emotional distress damages, pre and post-judgment interest, and attorneys’ costs and fees.

This case is ongoing. 

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