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On April 5th, 2024, Kennedy Hunt P.C. filed a complaint against Breath Source LLC, R Empowerment, and Travis Steffens in violation of Missouri common law, the Missouri Minimum Wage Law, and the Missouri Wage Payment Act. 

According to the lawsuit, the defendants employed our client as the Director of Customer Support starting in October 2022 at a salary of $77,000 a year. Our client’s employment ended in about July 2023. 

According to the lawsuit, the defendants failed to compensate our client for the hours of work performed from about March 1, 2023 through the end of his employment. 

Per the lawsuit, the defendants offered to pay our client less money than he was owed for that time period, but our client declined the offer. 

The lawsuit alleges the defendants then failed to pay our client anything for the work he performed from May to June 2023, and failed to pay our client his final paycheck. 

The lawsuit seeks actual damages, lost wages and benefits, unpaid wages, compensatory damages, liquidated damages, pre- and post-judgment interest, and attorneys’ costs and fees.

This case is ongoing. 

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