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People with disabilities are significantly more likely to be employed in states that have participated in Medicaid expansion through the Affordable Care Act.

To date, 33 states have adopted the Medicaid expansion. The state of Illinois is one of them, meaning that people living with disabilities in this state has much better odds at being employed than those in states without the expansion. Missouri, on the other hand, has not adopted the Medicaid expansion.

According to the American Journal on Public Health, in states participating in the Medicaid expansion, the number of people reporting not working due to their disability has significantly decreased.

In states without it, Missouri included, people with disabilities are not experiencing any significant employment changes.

In a press release from the University of Kansas, researchers wrote, “In effect, Medicaid expansion is acting as an employment incentive for people with disabilities.”

The benefits of being employed are undeniable. Having both Medicaid coverage and employment allows people with disabilities more independence, increases the amount of people paying taxes and lowers unemployment in states that adopted Medicaid expansion.

At Kennedy Hunt P.C., we believe it is not only essential that individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to work, but that these individuals also work in a non-discriminatory environment.

We have years of experience defending employees who have been discriminated against in the workplace, including individuals with disabilities.

In 2008, we successfully defended a former police officer who was discriminated against in the workplace.

Bouas v. Board of Educ., Mascoutah Comm. U. Sch. Dist., Charge No. 19, (Illinois Human Rights Commission 2008):
This is an employment discrimination case against a school district which initially hired our client, a former police officer, then fired him from his campus monitor job when it learned that he received disability benefits. Our client sought reimbursement, back pay and reinstatement to the job. The case settled. Charge No. 560-2008-02929.

Our expert attorneys want to ensure that employees, including those with disabilities, are not being discriminated against in their workplace. If you believe you’ve experienced workplace discrimination, fill out a case questionnaire so we can better understand your claim.