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In the face of a years-long teachers’ shortage, a new federal survey reveals special education positions are among the hardest for public schools across the country to staff. Nationwide, nearly half of American public school districts report their schools were understaffed. 

What’s more, 83 percent report having trouble hiring classroom aides, mental health professionals, and other special service positions in their schools. A new special report from Education Week reveals issues surrounding retention may be a large reason why schools struggle to keep their special education educators and aides. 

When school districts don’t have the staffing they need, students with disabilities can pay the biggest price. A group of parents in California are now suing one school district over claims their children were forced to stop attending school because they didn’t have the aide their special education plan required. 

The harm of chronic absenteeism is undeniable for all students, and for students with disabilities, that lack of structure, social exposure, and learning can be especially harmful. 

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