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A new report from the FBI reveals hate crimes are steadily on the rise in schools across the U.S., nearly doubling between 2018 and 2022. Schools are now the third most common place for hate crimes in the country, a disturbing trend threatening some of the youngest people in the nation. 

The FBI data reports a staggering 1,300 hate crimes were recorded in K-12 schools and colleges in 2022, compared to just 700 in 2018. Black students were the most frequent victims, according to the data. LGBTQ+ students follow with a reported 900 offenses, and Jewish students, with 745 offenses reported. 

The data includes all reported crimes against students in or around school campuses, and experts believe they are underreported. Though the FBI data does not include a clear explanation as to why hate crimes are on the rise, the timing coincides with a rise in political polarization across the country and bills targeting LGBTQ+ students across the country

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