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Employees across the country are launching new lawsuits – including against some of the nation’s largest companies – over what they allege is a lack of access to the time or place to breast pump at work.

The new lawsuits come after lawmakers passed a new law – known as the PUMP Act – that allows workers to sue their employers over access to pumping at work. The new law is meant to protect an additional nine million parents in this country. 

And now, with this new wave of lawsuits, it is evident that some workers are doing exactly that. 

According to one lawsuit filed in Michigan, a school bus driver was repeatedly denied breast pumping accommodations from her employer and subsequently received reduced hours after asking for a private time and place to pump. 

McDonald’s employees have also filed a class-action lawsuit alleging the massive corporation lacks adequate lactation spaces for working parents. According to that lawsuit, some employees are forced to pump in unsanitary spaces. 

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