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A yearlong study by National Public Radio, with data provided by the Justice Department has determined that people with intellectual disabilities are sexually assaulted at a staggering rate. They are seven times more likely to be sexually assaulted than those without intellectual disabilities.

According to the investigation, this fact makes those with intellectual disabilities one of the most targeted populations. Moreover, the investigation also determined that those with intellectual disabilities are at a heightened risk to be assaulted during the daytime hours, or by someone they know.

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The NPR study has also determined that people with intellectual disabilities are targeted because predators often believe they are easily manipulated and may have difficulty testifying after the fact.

What’s more, these incidents of sexual abuse may often go unpunished, allowing the predator to go free. NPR found that officials, including police and prosecutors may be hesitant to take cases for those with intellectual disabilities who believe they have been sexually assaulted.

People with intellectual disabilities are at higher risks at all times of their lives, the study found.

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