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St. Louis is one of the most segregated American cities, symbolized by the “Delmar Divide” that widely separates white and Black neighborhoods. And Black St. Louisians live at a poverty rate over three times higher than whites.

The effects of redlining, racial deed covenants, and other racist housing policies are still being seen and felt in St. Louis. 

St. Louis Realtors – an association of real estate agents – is apologizing for perpetuating housing discrimination in the city. They’re offering specific apologies for longtime racist practices that prevent Black St. Louisians from becoming homeowners.  

““We apologize for all of these actions,” president Katie Berry said in a press release on Sept. 19. “The discrimination to which the Black community was subjected to was part of a system designed to cause residential racial segregation, led by the federal government, supported by the banking system and the real estate industry, and driven by practices like redlining and the use of restrictive covenants.” 

Now, the association is announcing its new “Reimagining St. Louis” plan to increase Black homeownership in the city. St. Louis Realtors says it’s making strategic partnerships to bring this plan to life. The specifics of the plan, though, are not yet clear. 

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