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Right now, the rights of transgender people are under attack in this country. At least 21 states have bans on gender affirming care for transgender yourh, with more and more legislatures introducing bills like these. According to the Movement Advancement Project, 23 states ban transgender K-12 students from participating in sports consistent with their gender identity. 

These types of laws not only limit what transgender youth can and cannot do, they also substantially harm their mental and physical health, too. The latest data from the Trevor Project found nearly one in three LGBTQ+ young people say their mental health was poor most of the time or always because of anti-LGBTQ+ policies and legislation. The survey also finds 41% of LGBTQ+ young people seriously considered attempting suicide in the last year. Young people who are transgender, nonbinary, and/or people of color reported even higher rates than their peers.

When it comes to sports, a lack of acceptance and inclusion increases risks of mental health issues for transgender youth. On the flip side, transgender youth who attend schools with inclusive polices are less likely to consider suicide, have higher grades, are less likely to skip school, and more likely to feel safe at school. 

And now, a new SELF article and video follows the life of Rebekah, a 16-year-old who loves to play field hockey, and shows on a personal level how much sports can positively impact transgender athletes. As SELF puts it, “We wanted to show what it’s like when we just let trans kids be kids because every child deserves to discover who they are and thrive as their true selves.” 

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